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Posted on 02-01-2017

Helena made a commitment to herself to create change, and change she has made! Practicing Bikram Yoga about 4 times a week (with some Inferno Pilates sprinkled in), heads are turning to notice how Helena's body has changed. She recently sent the message below to us, unprompted. It is stories like this that keep the team at BYNS going. Thank you, Helena, for wanting to share your personal journey with us!


January 2017, BYNS Student Helena

"I am so grateful for the studio and yoga. :) I re-started after sitting next to Melinda at the 4th of July parade in 2015. I felt bloated, tight, and dumpy.  I also saw that I was headed towards type 2 diabetes like both my older parents.
This morning I put on my skinny jeans that I have not worn in 2+ years!!! Last time I wore them I was pouring out of them at the waist. :(
Since starting Bikram I have lost 10 pounds. Slow and steady. The best thing however is that I truly feel the weight loss is due to the regulation and healing of my pancreas! I'm not hungry all the time, my sugar cravings are way down, and I feel more satisfied quicker. My mantra for every practice is that I am banking today another day of health in old age.  I've always been healthy by the grace of God and youth, but now I feel healthy due to grace of God and hard work!"

Who's the other woman in the pic? We couldn't help but include that great pic of Helena and Melinda in this post. Melinda and Helena continually encourage one another inside and outside the hot room, to be their best! Helena initially invited Melinda to BYNS, and now they mutually encourage one another. It is always the people we care about most who we want to bring into the Hot Room, so they too can reach their full potential. Keep it up, ladies!

Melinda said:

Ah, yoga love. You inspire me!

2017-02-01 13:09:12

Helena said:

The BYNS Community is the best!!!

2017-02-03 18:42:49

Emily Shebert said:

Keep up the hard work, Helena. It's hard and it's work, but the results are worth it!!

2017-02-04 12:50:55

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