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Posted on 06-27-2016

We are back from Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training and it is a blast, to say the least! Stretching and pushed beyond our limits unlike anything since Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2009. Wow. Not entirely sure what to expect - Pilates is somewhat stress relieving, no? But wait it's Hot? "Inferno" does not sounds pleasant. This thing is growing like crazy, what is it? - from the first pelvic tilt and pumping music, I was a fan. Sure, after two classes on day one, my body was slightly sore to say the least (OK fine, I called home to report to my husband that my arms and legs were like jell-o). 

And now, we are back and I feel awesome! Leaner already. We are designing our lesson plans, preparing the room and know that the room will be full for the first classes of Inferno Hot Pilates. Holly takes the podium Thursday, June 30th at 12 pm, Heidi on Wednesday, July 6th at 8:30 am. Regular classes will be scheduled for July, check our schedule in the coming weeks.
Tuition is included in regular class packages. New students can drop in for $20, until the full class schedule begins in October. Once you see that you love this, know that BYNS is hiring high-energy, enthusiastic and caring individuals to teach Inferno Pilates. Teacher Training will be right here at BYNS September 23-25th!


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