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Amaze Yourself with Bikram Hot Yoga and Inferno Pilates

 Bikram Yoga North Shore
In Glenview 

You Will Sweat. You Will Conquer. You Will Feel Like You Are On Top of the World.

Find out what everyone is talking about. BIkram Yoga North Shore now offers a 60-minute workout option, Inferno Pilates, to the North Shore community. This means a variety of class times and options, seven days a week, for you to get time for yourself, get the body you want and simply feel amazing.


Inferno Hot Pilates creates a stronger core, improves circulation, and increases flexibility. This unique system combines Pilates principles with a High Intensity Interval Training and is performed in a room heated to 95 degrees farhenheit and 40% humidity. It creates long, lean muscle mass, burns fat, and increases fitness. Performed on a yoga mat, no props needed. 


Increase Strength and Flexibility. Reduce Stress. Caryn relies on her regular Bikram practice "to get out of her own mind" for just a little bit in the midst of a demanding work and home schedule.  Sarah's husband says her Bikram Yoga practice makes her a nicer person. Brian is no longer called "crook back" at work; he can now keep up with running and paddle and still walk the next day.  Michael says that "good things have happened in life" since starting his practice a year ago.  Nilda dropped 40 lbs since starting her practice.  Bikram Yoga is world renowned for helping students feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.  This is unlike any other yoga…come to the studio to challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Bikram Yoga North Shore brings Bikram Yoga to the North Shore community. Located In Glenview, IL, Bikram Yoga is a beginner yoga class of a precise series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a room heated to 105⁰F with 40% humidity.  Located in Glenview, residents from Northbrook, Deerfield, Northfield, Winnetka, Lake Forest, Wilmette, Highland Park and Palatine and all communities of the North Shore and beyond practice yoga at Bikram Yoga North Shore.  A first-time yoga student can join any one of our classes, and our certified Bikram Yoga Teachers will guide them through the class.

Bikram Yoga North Shore welcomes all students, no experience necessary.  On your first visit, we offer an Introductory Month of unlimited classes for $49.  Take the Challenge to take 10 classes in your first month, and you will feel better than ever.  This package also offers a 20% discount on your membership, and we'll even give you a Buddy Pass to invite a friend to take class with you for a whole week, for free!

Bikram Yoga is a form of hot yoga.  Hot yoga is also sometimes referred to as Hatha Yoga. The heat allows for increased flexibility so that the change you want can happen more efficiently. With the heat you can also achieve a deeper stretch, so fresh oxygenated blood reaches deeper into your muscles, tendons and organs to keep your systems healthy. There are many types of hot yoga, however Bikram Yoga is specifically designed as a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, which, completed in sequence, works every muscle, joint, ligament and tendon of the body. Yoga at our north shore yoga studio just outside Chicago is far more than a trending yoga evolution; the specific hot yoga series has been practiced worldwide for over 40 years. When starting the Bikram Yoga practice, students report benefits of more energy, better sleep, less pain, better digestion, fewer cravings, and clearer skin, among many others. 

Come to Bikram Yoga North Shore to experience the benefits of Bikram Yoga and Inferno Pilates, for yourself.